Visible Blocks

This home page uses four blocks ('jumbo', 'carousel', 'boxes','custom'). Each block can be activated (or not), sorted the way you want and is fully configurable using custom site settings.
  • The jumbo block is used to quickly show your Brand name and a user-defined baseline.
  • The carousel block shows a configurable list of your latest products (or a random selection).
  • The boxes block shows 1 to 4 columns. Each box can be configured with your own titles and content.
  • The custom block(s) can be filled with anything you want, simply written in plain HTML.
  • Based on BootStrap

    We have built the pages layout using the industry standart BootStrap template. You therefore don't need to re-invent the wheel to get a fully responsive website that perfectly adapts to desktop, mobile or tablet browsers.

    You can use your own custom CSS stylesheet to override BootStrap's default style with your own design. You may also use any widely available BootStrap themes.

    We've made our very best to make each DOM element accessible by assigning appropriate CSS IDs.

    Fully configurable

    Each page linked from the top menu can be switched on or off. You may fully edit any titles, descriptions, etc...

    We've also integrated social networks to let your visitors share/like your site, view your latest tweets, videos, etc.

    Click the button below to explore how the current demo configuration is set. You may also visit other sites that we are currently hosting.

    (demo 2)

    external superhero theme + settings changes including Social Share Widget + min CSS changes

    Concentrate on developing, not webmastering !

    The entire content of this website is automatically generated from the Plugivery database records. You therefore never need to worry about editing HTML pages as you release new products, versions, etc..

    We also provide a fully automatic script (PvDL) that handles all of your downloads. It automatically rebuilds new download links when you upload new releases, betas, etc, on your server.

    So stop worrying about your website, your servers maintenance and growing hosting costs. Contact us today to get your Plugivery powered website !

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